Granny Love #1~Photo Tutorial

For some time now I’ve wanted to try my hand at a photo tutorial like this, all in one doc for folks to download. It made sense to me to start with a granny square since I love them so much and I’ve ALWAYS got at least three granny projects going at once. This set of grannies is being made for a very specific reason (more on that later) and I’ve got some wonderful volunteers lined up to make a whole granny mountain of them.

Please enjoy this tutorial and feel free to download your own copy of it! Granny Love #1 PDF  (click to download)

Stitches: Dc3tog=YO, insert hook in stitch, pull up a loop, (3 l00ps on hook), YO, pull through 2 l00ps, YO hook insert in sitch, pull up a loop (4 l00ps on hook),  YO, pull through 2 l00ps (3 l00ps on hook),  YO, insert hook in stitch,  YO, pull up a loop  (5 loops on hook),  YO, pull through 2 loops, (4 loops on hook), YO pull through all 4 loops left on hook.

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14 comment on “Granny Love #1~Photo Tutorial”

  1. Jackie Doeden,

    pretty, I had gotten kind of tired of granny squares over the years but this looks good to me. I’ll have to get busy, thanks for the incentive.

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