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    I use to crochet and knit till I turned 34. Then my life turned upside down I had a stroke which left my left side paralyzed, at least my dominant right side is still good. I want to crochet again but I cant with just 1 hand, can anyone help me explain so I can crochet again I saw a lot of beautiful patterns on this site I’d love to tackle.

    1. Comment author madme,

      Cindy, I think it’s awesome that you are working out a way to crochet with your right side. I do believe there has to be a way! It would be a matter of figuring out how to hold the yarn and tension while you let your right hand and wrist form the stitches. My own great grandmother had a stroke that caused her to become paralyzed on one side as well, she was also an artsy type of lady and continued to paint! She was even in the “band” at her convalescent home, she played the triangle until she died at 99 years old. She, like many of them women in my family, was quite inspirational.

      Though I do not have a direct answer for you about how to crochet one handed, I will post this question to my Facebook community and see if any of them have some input, ideas or resources for you and anyone else who might be interested. (Here is the direct link to the Facebook post concerning your question:

      Thank you for commenting, let’s see what we discover…

  2. Dale O'Sullivan,

    Thank you for allowing me to join, I look forward seeing all the crafts you have designed and made… I really like your Simply Mad Throw… Dale

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