Yardage for the Winter Flower Granny

At this point I’ve tried several yarns with this pattern and heard back from a couple of folks that have used different combos as well. Below I’m listing what is required for ONE square, since everyone is making different size blankets, they can do their calculations based on the single square. I’ll also do an estimate for the whole blanket based on a couple of yarn choices but not all that I’ve done.

Photo above shows squares made with LB, Amazing…


Color A Yardage: Caron Simply Soft (the cream surround behind the flower)
16 yards per square
2 skeins for all 48 squares

Color B Yardage: Lion Brand, Amazing
19 yards per square
Just over 6 skeins for all 48 squares

Color C Yardage: Red Heart Boutique, Unforgettable
Between 4 and 7 yards per square, depending on how many sides you are joining for a particular square
I think you would be cutting it really close, but you could use ONE skein for all the joins.
(the bottom left hand square in the photo above is complete with final join round)

Edging: TBD
I have yet to decide what type of edging I’m going to be adding but you’ll be the first to know!

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