What’s on my table right now?

Sometimes you just want to start over, clear out the old and usher in the new. I’m feeling this with particular intensity right now as I ponder new designs for fall and winter this year. New clay and new crochet designs. But right now, I’m sitting at my table wading through the canes upon canes that I’ve made over the last three years. Frankly, I need to clear them out and make space for the new designs.

This means that I’ll be getting creative in using up the scraps and mismatched patterns that I have sitting on the table staring at me now. Here are a few that I’ve put together tonight so far…

What do you think? A little bit funky even for me but I like it all so far. I’ll keep posting new designs and if you want to see more work in progress feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these designs, they are being listed in my Etsy shop as I’m making them. 


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