What Say You?

So, the great thing about letting yourself sink into creativity is that it allows you to come up kabillions of ideas and some of them you just have to jump on right away and others you write down, and still other grow and grow until they become bunches and bunches of ideas all rolled up into one giant, ongoing project.

The trouble with letting yourself sink into creativity is exactly the same. I am now stymied by indecision and I was wondering if you would be able to help me figure out which projects to really invest my time into right now.

Here we go, I’ll start the list know and you can comment below with your suggestions:

  1. Childrens’ Books:
    • I have the outline for three childrens’ books, each one starring a single child that has a unique relationship with the world around them. I woud LOVE to write these books beyond the outlines, create art to go with them and then write up Amigurumi patterns for main characters and other elements of the story. Each book would sell as a story book, but at the end of the book would be the crochet patterns and photos of the finished toys so crocheting folks could make the matching toys to go with the stories.
  2. Giant Granny Square Collection Book:
    • Granny sqaures are my favorite things to crochet and I especially enjoy making giant squares. I think it would be really fun to release patterns, one at a time and offer them for $1 and then after making twelve squares, put them together in a blanket pattern, make a lovely edging and then offer it all together in one e-book for one low price.
    • If people wanted to buy them as they were created they could and just pick and choose the ones they wanted, or they could wait and get the whole set, with joining and edging instructions in a book. I would want the whole thing to be a photo tutorial.
  3. Toys Designs:
    • As I get older, I am unable to make Amigurumi toys in quantity because it just hurts my hands so much, so I have an idea of making simple sewn dolls and making crochet clothing and accessories for them.
    • I think it would be a blast to design the dolls and crochet items and sell them as little patterns sets, again with photo tutorials.
    • I’m even thinking that it might be fun to turn it into a kit, with the fabric, stuffing and patterns, then let everyone make their own dolls, and they could use their own yarns for the clothing.

Ok, so these are the ideas that I’m toying with and as you can see, each one is kind of a big deal and would take a lot of time to execute (especially the photography and writing out the instructions, and finding testers…). This is why I need help!

Which of these ideas sounds the most appealing to you and why?

I live in another world in my head. In my world, people really care about handmade items and making childhood richly nostalgic with special toys and stories, handmade blankets and homemade recipes. All of these ideas fit well within my worldview and desire to create heirloom gifts for my family, so I’m having a really difficult time choosing ONE of these and sticking with it. What say you?

Please note the expression on this little guy’s face, this is just about how I feel when I think about the list above.




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  1. Kathlyn,

    I think that the story books or the toys would be the best for you, brand wise and financially. They are the most unique ideas (every man and his dog does squares, often free). I particularly like the idea of the story books, but let’s be honest, find me a small child that doesn’t like dressing up their toys in other clothes!
    Good luck with whatever you choose, and keep us posted! =) (PS I’d be happy to test, if I’m up to it! Hehe)

  2. Lynn Witry,

    I love all of these. The children’s books are a great idea. Due to my arthritis, I don’t do amiguri anymore, but reading is so important that I think it’s a great idea. Plus they can learn to crochet! Bonus!

  3. Maria LaLima,

    Good morning. First off, I love the bunny! He’s just adorable. That being said, you have really wonderful ideas. My favorites are #1 & #3. Not that the granny square thing isn’t good, I’m just not a fan of granny squares. What about if you if you schedule each of these ideas? Like say, Week 1 is the children’s book; Week 2 is the Granny Squares; Week 3 toys; Week 4 (and the occasional 5th week) catch up on other things. This way you know what you will be working on and be organized for each week. I enjoy my projects more when I can switch it up and do a variety. When I have to finish up a project it can sometimes feel more like a chore because “I *have* to get it finished” vs. wanting to working on something.

    Hope this helps.

    M. 🙂

  4. courtney,

    I think they are all wonderful ideas and can see why you need help deciding! I do think the children’s books are an awesome idea. I know I would definitely purchase the book many times to gift along with making the characters to go with the book. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

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