What a Smelly Day

Some days, you are just more keenly aware of one sense over another. When I ate a piece of garlic fresh out of the oven, I was keenly aware of my sense of touch, and decided I would wait for it to cool before I indulged my sense of taste.

But today has been an ode to the sense of smell. The first thing I did this morning was start in on roasting some garlic and sweet onions, then I moved onto opening up a fresh bag of coffee beans. I continued my cabaret of aroma as I sliced lemons for a photo shoot, popped my vanilla beans out of the glass case, opened a package that came in the mail containing two handmade soaps; grapefruit and blood orange with bergamot. I got a bit hungry and decided to drop a piece of homemade bread into the toaster for part of a minute and was thrown into deep famish the second I smelled it.

It’s only 2pm and I’m sure my odyssey will continue, perhaps I’ll have a few more photos to ad by the end of the day. Enjoy the pics, I wish we had smell-o-vision.

 Roasting Garlic and Onions is so simple it’s hardly worth calling a recipe, but here it goes.

Leave the roots intact, cut off the papery top to expose the meat (I save the top in the freezer for stock). Drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil over the exposed garlic and/or onion, season with salt and pepper. Throw it into the oven at 450° F for 45-55 minutes. Done! Use a small fork to remove cloves or just squeeze the entire head to get to the garlic meat. The onion is much easier to remove since it doesn’t have paper between each layer. Eat any way you like, we eat the garlic in mashed potatoes, on meat or smeared on bread. I’m sure the onions are good with other things too but they never make it that far, we end up eating them before they even cool. Enjoy!

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    1. Comment author madme,

      Thank you so much Full Belly Sista! And thanks for stopping by too. I’ve decided (after visiting your site) that I can’t go there anymore with an empty stomach, I actually had hunger pangs while I was perusing your pics and recipes. Good stuff!

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