Tiny Owls - Simple Pattern


Here is the pattern for this little guy. These are made from Caron Simply Soft.

Tiny Owl Pattern

Use the appropriate gauge hook for desired yarn.

  1. Magic ring, ch 1, 7 hdc into ring, pull ring closed , join to top of ch 2 (switch colors if you want a 2 color body)
  2. Ch 1, 2 hdc in nest stitch and each stitch all the way around, join to top of ch 2
  3. Sl st into next st, ch 3*, 3 hdc into next st, sl st in next st, 3 hc into next st *, ch 3 join with sl st into same stitch as hdc’s.   Finish off and weave in ends. BODY AND HEAD COMPLETE
  4. *OPTIONAL: picot here to make pointed ears (like in the second photo).


EYES: use a much finer yarn and hook to create the eyes. Follow the instructions for row 1 above to complete the circle, then finish off. I use the tails themselves to attach the eyes to the head.

PUPILS, BEAK & FEET: The pupils are made with black or brown yarn and a tapestry needle. I bring the yarn up through the back of the owl, make a knot and go back through the eye, making sure to catch a bit of yarn, then tie off in back. And the feet and beak are just small stitches made with yellow yarn and a large tapestry needle.

The eyes could really be made with anything! Beads, felt, buttons or embroidery stitches.

11 comment on “Tiny Owls – Simple Pattern”

  1. terri flory,

    My daughter and family just bought their first home and she is decorating her kitchen in owls. I am going to make curtains in a woven cotton fabric that matches an orange in her towels then make some of the owls in combinations of teal, aqua, brown and tan to ad along the hem. Maybe even ad a few crocheted or embroidered tee branches.

  2. Anita Jensen,

    omg so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those little guys would look so cute on wristers and a cowl…. so I may have to do that!!

    and I’m here on the comment-to-win-a-patternn-thingie so I would say tha pattern I’d like to win would be the wrist wraps #1. I have the motif already and I hope to get my bunting done in time to decorate my table at a sale.


  3. Sharon Powers,

    this is so cute…thank you for sharing! Even being a neubie- I THINK I can manage to make one….I just have to master the whole magic circle thing….lol

    1. Comment author madme,

      Thanks for stopping by Jane! And you are welcome for the pattern. I’m hoping to come up with a million simple things to share like this. So far, I’ve done 2. Baby steps.

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