Tiny Lemon Turnovers, Mom's Idea

Baking with my mom and kids is so much fun. Here is something else we worked on today, along with our Favorite Things Tartlets. No recipe on this one, but we used a Lemon Pie filling from a family cookbook, and made the same cream cheese crust that we used in the Tarts above. The kids had a great time rolling dough, cutting circles, filling and sealing the pies. We made a lemon icing to drizzle over the top. Yum. Thanks Mom!I love this picture of Mom and My Girl working together.

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  1. Grace,

    That pic of your mom’s timeworn and, well, old-looking hands and your daughter’s fresh, smooth, young hands as they work together to create food from love and love from food at Christmas time…wow! What a powerful statement. It evokes thoughts of caring and family and timelessness and the beauty of generations sharing knowledge and skills. Your mom’s Santa shirt makes it perfect. The best part is that your daughter will always remember this and will always associate cooking together with Christmas. Lovely.

    I made some memories like this with my 7 year old niece this year. It means so much.

    Ahhh, got all mushy. Sorry.

    Oh yes, the tiny lemon turnovers – Yummo!

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