This Was Halloween

Pumpkin guts, candlelight, tricks-or-treats, dress up, and pretend. All highly valued ingredients for a memorable Halloween. We had them all, and more. As we recover from our sugar comas I want to share with you a few pics of our day and night.

Sisters are getting too big to really appreciate the wonder of treats and jack-o-lanterns but The Boy is 8 and right in the thick of holiday amazement. We had a great time with him this year! He was Grey Matter ( a superhero of his own devising). The second the costume was on, he started running, swinging from ropes and climbing trees. His GIANT BRAIN made him better at everything. Love that little man.

Special thanks goes to Pea Pod Boutique for the awesome handmade cape, mask and magic wristers. I purchase them from her Etsy shop.

Hey, it is called the Happy Everything Bunting, so it works for Halloween too right?

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