The Nifty Knot & Spiffy Dolls

Finding ‘special’ gifts for Christmas and birthdays can be pretty tricky these days. Just over a year ago, I committed to making, or buying, as much handmade love as I could for the holidays. And what a pot of jam I fell into! I did not have to look much farther than my own Facebook page to find hundreds of merchants, selling thousands of quality handmade items. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing many of my favorite finds with you (while you still have some time to place orders. . . ).

Two treasures I ordered from were Spiffy Dolls and The Nifty Knot. Spiffy Dolls makes amazing stuffed animals with boutique quality fabrics and yarns AND she makes amazing sewn dolls with specialty yarn hair. The Nifty Knot makes high quality crochet items for all ages and styles. Both MeLinda and Brittany were great to work with and carefully took my orders to get everything just right.

First, let meĀ  share the great pixie hats I got from The Nifty Knot. Warm and adorable, you can’t beat that. She even made sure that she found a good blue to have a TARDIS feel to it for my Weird Middle One. Love the Little Beast. I had Brittany make the wheat colored hat for Big Sister, and I already had a red yarn that I wanted to use to put on as a fringe. I love the way they turned out and I loved working with Brittany to order exactly what I wanted from The Nifty Knot.



Now I’d like to share the stuffed animals I got from MeLinda at Spiffy Dolls. She also made a baby doll for my niece, but I’m saving her for another post! She deserves the spotlight.

These giraffes from Spiffy Dolls were made with micro-corduroy. Her taste in prints and fabric, combined with her whimsical characters and specialty yarn hair make her dolls very cuddly and original. I am working with her again this year for more Christmas gifts!

I couldn’t help it! I had to give you a peek at this lovely little baby. I was going to give her to my niece last year, but she was only two! This year she is three and I think will appreciate her baby a bit more. Just look at that hair!!!!!!


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