The Madlandia Marketplace, OUR Marketplace

It’s open! The Madlandia Trading Company is up and running. Won’t you join me is selling our items in this truly handmade marketplace? (We’ll probably do a little bit of shopping while we’re there too).

There are many marketplaces out there, and they all advertise different things, and market to different needs. But this one is mine all mine! (sorry, my Mad Queen complex is rising up again). What I meant to say was that this one is special because it is a TRUE handmakers marketplace.

This is not a place to sell vintage, or bulk, or mass produced or “altered by hand” items. This is a venue for artisans to sell their work in a limited space market that is promoting EACH item listed in social media to 40,000 fans, followers, subscribers and supporters of the Handmade Revolution. (We are grateful for each and everyone of them).

NOTICE: From this point forward, I will be offering my clay merchandise in this marketplace. I will keep my Etsy shop open but will only have ONE listing over there. So if you are looking for beads, buttons and new hooks designs, Madlandia Trading Company will be the place to look.

SELLER ALERT: This marketplace is for me and you. I don’t want to compete with cheap, factory made “handmade” items that are being sold on the “big marketplace” sites. We need our own place. We need a place that has standards and will actually adhere to those standards, vet the sellers and create a catalog for buyers that will not disappoint.

Thank you all for coming alongside on this five year journey, being supportive, sharing the world of Madlandia with others and generously supporting my own creative works. I’ve made over 2,000 crochet hooks, countless beads, buttons and pens. You’ve helped me pay the rent and feed my kids, I don’t know what I’d do without you.



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