Thank you Caron

I have used every yarn that the major craft stores have to offer. I have also used many specialty and handmade yarns for very unique projects that I would consider heirloom work, and one-of-a-kind pieces. But overall, my crochet is very practical. I make scarves, beanies, toys, hair accessories and other very practical and useful items. I then give them to my husband, my children, friends and their children as well. I know that my projects will get trampled, shoved, stuffed, chewed, washed, muddied, washed again and loved. This type of use means that I’m looking for yarn that is affordable, durable, beautiful, versatile and washable.

So which yarn, of all the yarns in the giant craft stores, do I think matches my criteria the best? Simply Soft by Caron. They are not paying me to write this article, I promise, but when people ask me what yarn I used to make that flower or this owl or those mitts, I most often tell them Simply Soft.

For embellishments Simply Soft offers a wide variety of colors, a nice medium weight to add to the delicate look of my flowers, a soft-to-the-touch feel for my baby toys and a washable endurance that makes it perfect for my projects. Oh, and did I mention that it is one of the most affordable yarns on the market?

Look it up, go find it in the stores, make something with it and you will see what a find it truly is and what a great addition to your stash Simply Soft will be.

Thank you Caron yarns!

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  1. Michelle,

    Thanks for mentioning this recommendation. I only have a couple brands available here locally so I was thinking about ordering some different yarn online.

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