Summer Swing

I must be at that age, the one I remember all the ‘grown ups’ talking about when I was a kid. Do you remember the chatter about how “months just seem shorter now” and “years move faster than they used to” or “I can’t believe how quickly time goes by.”

I get it. I get it with the full weight of the list of undone projects, school just around the corner and an unfamiliar fatigue that plagues me every night around 9pm. But this does not mean that we have not been busy and accomplished a few things this summer so far.

Let me share a few highlights that have passed, and next time I’ll share some things coming in the near future.

This has been our summer swing so far: We discovered that the gorgeous tree in the front yard is in fact the Tennessee state tree, the Yellow Poplar. We are needing to move AGAIN after only nine months in this house, but we did find a place on two acres so there will be plenty of space for the swingset the my Lumberjack built for The Boy. We got a puppy! Her name is Penelope and she’s a Blue Merle Collie (adorable and smart, great combo!). Big Sister went to her first formal dance and had a great time laughing and dancing with friends. Little Sister has launched her Youtube career and spends much of her time recording and editing (she’s StopMotionStartdust if you wanna check her out). As our friends are growing summer goodness we are reaping the benefits from their garden leftovers and I’ve been living from summer salad to summer salad. What a delicious way to celebrate a harvest! And lastly, I’m working away at Design Wars 4  and part of this lovely business is the uncomfortable business of being IN FRONT of the camera from time to time. So that’s me with my yarn and that unnatural grin tells of my longing to be the one looking through the viewfinder.

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  1. Robin Bergman,

    Now that it is fall you have me wishing it was summer again! Sounds like you had a lovely summer. I can’t wait to plant a new garden next year and eat all the fresh veggies.

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