Shawl Pins!

Nearing 1000 Etsy sales, and closer to 1500 clay covered crochet hooks has got me itching to create some different types of products, and not just for folks making crochet but for anyone that enjoys wearing yarnish garments. (I’m currently switching away from using Etsy and will be selling my own items right here on my site!).

Recently I’ve gotten into making buttons and shawl pins and I’m having quite a good time. It’s been different creating item that have such a small field and in completely different orientations than the round handles of the hooks.

As long as the coffee flows and the cookie wagon keeps coming, who knows what new exports from Madlandia await?

Here’s what I’ve got going so far…

Polymer Clay Shawl PinsPolymer Clay Shawl PinsPolymer Clay Shawl PinsPolymer Clay Shawl PinsPolymer Clay Shawl Pins

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