Santa's Helper

Every year the Lumberjack and I get to do Santa’s job and we love it. This year, the Boy is seven, I’m not sure we’ll get another chance to be “Santa” with our kids again. Another bittersweet moment. The Girls are in the know of course, and they play along with the Santa game every year for the Boy’s sake. He’s a true believer at the moment, trying to figure out how Santa fits down the chimney, how he gets so far in one night, how he carries all the presents, etc., etc..  These “deep” questions about Santa usually unravel the mystery and reveal the parents, standing behind the giant imaginary man in red. Maybe next year, we won’t get to play this game but it’s all part of growing up a family right? They grow up, and so do we. Now I see why folks start looking forward to having grandkids.

This year I got a special treat. I was able to make the Santa gift for a little girl of a friend of mine. She asked for a red hat and kitty cat, and I got a tug on my heart at the idea of being one of Santa’s helpers for another child. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when you make something by hand and you have a specific person and purpose in mind, your work will show it! Here’s the result, and cannot wait to hear how she receives her Santa gift and I’m honored to say that I was truly one of his helpers this year.

Starting with the work in progress. At this stage, it’s like setting the scene, now to make the characters come to life…

I’m just trying my hand at embroidery stitches with yarn since I love the effect so much. I’ve seen this done by others and love it. Dawn at Fiddlesticks does just an inspiring job of color combining and stitch work, she’s truly an artist. (I love to refer to my creative heroes by first name, even though they don’t know me from Adam, it cracks me up inside.)

And here we have the Kitty peeking out of the bag and below the entire set. A hat, wrist warmers, and purse with kitty, all spiffed up and ready to go under a very special tree.

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  1. Jennifer Hall,

    Love this “cat set”! My daughter is an animal nut! I pinned this to my pinterest on crafts adn crochet. I also facebooked shared on Jennifer Hall.

  2. Gail,

    I can honestly say that I know how you feel about making a young child’s Christmas special. Our children are in their 40’s, our grandchidren are in their 20’s, with no great-grandchildren due.

    But my husband’s workplace “adopts” a family every Christmas, and I am making a Spiderman cape & hat for the 3 year old boy who loves Spidey, a cute, cute girly hat & shawl, and a kitty-cat doll for the 5 year old girl, and some baby things for the 18 month old child.

    To me, THIS is Christmas, making a child’s dream come true. I would rather do this than to get gifts for myself. Much rather!

    1. Comment author madme,

      You are so right Gail!!! It is so much more ‘Christmasy’ to give something special to a child than to get gifts ourselves. It’s just an inkling of the joy God must have sending gifts our way, especially Christ. I love this time of year.

  3. pam stinnett,

    That is so sweet! Being a Meme is awesomesauce just like I knew it would be! There are ways to be Santa’s helper forever, just believe!

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