Crochet Throw Blanket

Introducing Penelope’s Tapestry Crochet Throw Blanket


This has been a long time in the making, honestly, far too long. But I ran into several tension issues as I went and ended up frogging several times, rewriting and then doing it all over again for later rounds. What a nightmare! But it’s all finished now, all worked out, all written down and finally available in my Ravelry shop. Thank you for all your encouragement to get this done.

The name, let me tell you, I was agonizing over what to name this and then the process itself gave me inspiration. Who else worked diligently to create something beautiful, then continually undid her work only to redo it? Why, the wife of Odysseus of course! None other than the patient and faithful Penelope, working on her tapestry as she longed for Odysseus to return from the Trojan War.

Ok, ok, so it’s a bit obscure, but it makes me laugh on the inside at my own cleverness so I’m sticking with it.

I hope you enjoy the pattern, I look forward to seeing your versions as well.

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