My Own Personal Lumberjack

I’ve always wanted one.

It has been wonderful watching the weather change, and feeling it get colder. We got our first delivery of wood and Husband has been busy stacking and splitting so we will be prepared for the next few months. I have a feeling this is not our last delivery.

Everything about cut wood says “take pictures of me.” The colors and textures are lovely and always worth sharing. This is a combination of Hickory, Cherry and Oak. Not only does it look amazing and keep us warm, but it smells wonderful as well. Makes me want to go camping!

2 comment on “My Own Personal Lumberjack”

  1. Sarah Jane,

    Even in San Diego I grew up with a wood stove. My parents & I still use it faithfully – rarely use the heater. In fact, I remember the first time we did use the heater in the house – I was a teenager & we had company. It smelled disgusting. My parents have always had a year-round, healthy supply of wood stacked on the side of the yard. And yes, I use it for camping, too! Nothing better than it’s smell! Enjoy your TN fall! It’s a beautiful one out here, too!

    1. Comment author madme,

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah! It’s new to me to have to keep a fire going to get the house warm but I love it. We actually have 2 fireplaces and have to use both of them because of the way the house is built to heat it up. I do wish I had a house elf sometimes but I’ll have to settle with Greyson 😉

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