My Friend Michelle and her Perfect Knot

About a year ago, I started getting pretty brave about getting to know folks online. I’m just old enough so the whole online dating thing completely freaks me out, and up til now, when I heard someone say “I made the greatest friend online the awhile back…” I felt sorry for them. But then I met Michelle. Michelle is the owner of The Perfect Knot, a sweet little crochet boutique. She writes her own patterns, makes crochet jewelry and more, and has a heart the size of Texas. (Facebook her here). And Michelle taught me that you can really get to know someone online and even say “I made the greatest friend online the awhile back…” and not be the object of pity.

This is her pattern (you can purchase it I had great time with this pattern, the Granny Square she wrote up is a perfect square, and I love perfect geometrics. This purse worked up very quickly too and testing the pattern for her pushed me to get it completely finished, thank goodness, because my life can currently be defined as a collection of works in progress.

Enjoy the photos!

I used Red Heart Boutique Treasure yarn for the colors here, the warm tones are from the colorway called Abstract, the cool colors are from the colorway called Watercolors, and Caron Simply Soft for the cream.  I lined the bag with muslin and I’m no seamstress so the inside looks a bit like a grade school Mother’s Day present but it does the job.

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        1. Comment author madme,

          Yes thank you, my original mistake keeps coming back to haunt me as my page is updated with old archived versions. Frustrating.

  1. Sarah Wilson,

    I have to say starting a crochet page was one of the best things I’ve done, it was hard breaking out of that shell, but I’m glad I did. I have met some of the most creative, caring people, who help fuel your creativity.
    Beautiful pattern, beautiful colors and above all beautiful people behind it all:)

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