Moving. . . to a simpler life

We are moving from San Diego, CA, to Nashville, Tn. I really don’t think it could get more different than these two cities. I am so excited, I imagine myself a Pioneer Woman trekking across the country to find richer soil, bigger skies, and fresher air. My younger children are equally excited and my oldest says she’s “exscarded,” I completely understand.

My husband goes out next week, like a hunter following his game, to apply for jobs. This is the first step off the sidewalk and onto the unbeaten path for us. Let’s just see what happens next.

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  1. Teresa,

    I am sad… but excited to see what blessings are in store for you in TN. We have friends who moved there from her and they just love it. I’m sure you will too. You will be missed. Can we please get together before you go?!?!?!

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