More Yarn Choices for the Winter Flower Granny

I have an embarrassingly large yarn stash, so most of the yarn for this blanket is coming from there. This is one of the exceptions though, these treasures I obtained while I was out looking for more Lion Brand, Amazing yarn, to no avail. So to sooth my soul, I purchased a couple of radically colored skeins for experimentation.

Again, keeping some consistency from square to square, I am still using Caron Simply Soft as the cream here but the colorful yarn is from Hobby Lobby. It’s the Yarn Bee, Glowing. I bought two colorways, Farmers Market and Purple Multi. They really caught my eye in the shop and though they are much brighter than the Amazing in Pink Sands, they have a lot in common.

When mixing and matching colors for a project like a granny blanket, it’s not important that your colors should match exactly. Color is a wonderful thing, and so is your brain. When looking at colors, don’t look for exact clones but relatives. Many shades and hues of orange look great together in one project, so is true with blues, greens, yellows, etc.. The human brain can see these relationships very well even if it just adds to the ‘feel’ of a project.

There are just a few exceptions to this, I’d say that in a lot of cases, red can vary in hue but the basic tone of the reds should be more similar than dissimilar¬†for example. Some colors do clash, and it’s worth working hard to avoid that.

I enjoyed alternating from one colorway to the other, using one for the flower and the other for the border. I kept trading off doing this and I love the effect. It’s hard to believe that these squares are going into the same blanket but side by side, there is a lot of overlapping relationship¬† in the colors. The squares may not be sisters but they are most certainly cousins. Pattern found here.¬†Crochet a long found here.

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