Homemade Marshmallows or How to Buy Your Child's Love

We’ve been toying with the idea of making homemade marshmallows for a long time, but the recipes are so complicated that “thinking about it” is usually as far as we get. Until now.

Did I find a less complicated recipe? No. Did I get suckered by a two minute Chow video that made it look “so easy”? Yes. Yes I did. And the sticky sugar BOMB that became my counters, stoves, utensils, stand mixer, pot and self, were enough for me to feel just a bit frustrated that my now sticky sugar coated Boy had talked me into this. What was I thinking?

But the six hour wait time for the mallows to firm up gave me all the time I needed to soak everything down and de-sugar my kitchen. Would I even want to eat a marshmallow now? became the question.

So we waited. . . Have you ever tried to convince a seven year old boy to wait six hours for one marshmallow. Another hurdle. (tick tock tick tock)

Done! Slice them, coat them, eat them and WOW! It’s a completely different animal than the Jet Puff. (And to think, about six hours earlier I had considered chucking my mess and buying a bag for The Boy.) They were delicious, the recipe is available at Chow, and if you dare brave the mess, it will definitely win you some extra “Mommy love” points in the long run. Enjoy!


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  1. anita,

    No child loves anything marshmallow better than I do but NEVER would I make them. Will just hop over to William Sonoma and buy theirs when I can’t stand it any longer. You know I have been looking for a really good EASY recipe for Heavenly Hash(all my favorites choc./marshmallow/pecans)for years. Thought I had it several times but didn’t meet my expectations. Have one? By the way you were in my shop at the Lovelace Cafe over a year ago and you took beautiful photos. Would love to have you visit again sometime. Take a look at us now on Face Book. Faithful Place Enjoy your blog Anita

    1. Comment author madme,

      Hello Anita! I love your shop. I’ve been back a few times but on days your shop was closed. I’ll make a point coming again when you are open. I do not have a recipe for Heavenly Hash but it sounds, well, heavenly! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos of your shop, they are still some of my favs. Hopefully, I will see you soon.

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