Building a Mad Menagerie (An Amigurumi Zoo)

Amigurumi is great fun but just KILLS my hands so I save it as a treat to do when I am making gifts. Especially gifts for my own kiddos!

This Christmas, I made an ami pig with some yarn my Weird Middle One picked out our LAAAST year, oops. Don’t tell me you never do that, I know a yarn hoarder when I see one…

He was received so well on Instagram and Facebook that I wrote up the pattern. Introducing the FIRST animal in the Mad Menagerie. I’m also working on a couple of owls (photos below of the progress on them), a cat and soon a bat too. I’ve made ONE pattern for the body, and I’m updating the pattern as each new creature is written up. I hope that this pattern grows into an entire zoo!

Pattern found here. Use code Rabies2016 to get it for $2 right now. 

Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)












It was a lot of fun to make and worked up a lot faster than I expected. For this little guy I used Red Heart Boutique Treasure yarn.

Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)












Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)Mad Menagerie (Amigurumi Zoo)

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