Life is a Tapestry

I do love the Design Wars Challenges because they really force me to get creative within boundaries and that’s practically an oxymoron to me. But the limitations of ONE type of yarn, ONE color range and ONE weight really are a challenge that I enjoy. And the fact that all the challengers can come up with such different ideas is wonderful too.

The latest DW Challenge I was in, called for Medley yarn by Red Heart. I had never actually seen the yarn up close, or worked with it before, so it was a bit tricky trying to plan a design, figure out how much I would need and THEN order the yarn. As a matter of fact, I ended up tracking some down in my town about halfway through the process just so I could keep designing with it.

The yarn is very dense, with a sort of heavy drape. I tried an open mesh pattern but the yarn stretched and I didn’t think it was a good fit. So I moved into thinking of stitches that would match the density and be able to hold shape well even as the yarn built up row after row. I landed on simple but elegant capelet with a rather closed fabric and of course, I had to throw a little clay in there just to make it even more my very own.

Now selling on Ravelry, here is my Life is a Tapestry capelet, my little ode to lovely cloaks and capelets I enjoy seeing at the Renaissance Faires.


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