Last walk in San Diego

We are on the last leg of the San Diego chapter of our lives. My cats are roaming on top of the box island that has been created in my living room, and all the toys are packed, except the Legos. The kids are starting to pine about the things they will miss and I’m trying to keep their eyes on the ball about the things that will be new and fun. It’s making be bone weary. But I am still excited and ready to start the next leg of the journey. I hope that my next post will be full of pictures of our packed truck and the road trip. Thank you all for being wonderfully supportive and genuine. You will be missed.

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  1. cgragsdale,

    I just can’t wait to be on the road!! The waiting is killing me. The anticipation of this trip is like when I was seven on Christmas Eve, just can’t sleep too excited to see what will be under that tree. Again let’s get this show on the road

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