The Invisible Finish (with a bar)

The Invisible Finish, have you heard of it? I have scoured the internet for ways to end and begin rounds and rows because I love using lots of color changes, therefore, I make lots of yarn changes.

There are MANY MANY options for joining new yarns and finishing off current yarns and I practiced with several, found the ones I like and I’m stickin’ with them! At least for now.

One finish I particularly like because of the near perfect results is the Invisible Finish (sometimes called the Invisible Join, but join to me indicates the beginning of a round or row and this takes place at the end of one).

The biggest difference between this Invisible Finish and the ones I found online, is that this one also creates a the bar to the stitch and when it’s complete, you can work into it regularly and it looks identical to working in a normal stitch. It’s all about where to insert your tapestry needle and what direction you weave the end, it took a bit of practice to figure this out but I hope you like what I came up with.

I’ve added some photos for visual aid next to the instructions. I hope you enjoy using this!


invisible finish

1 – The end of a round. Cut your yarn, leaving about 3 inches to weave. With your hook, pull the yarn up, through the stitch you last created.


3- Pull yarn gently, and insert needle into the top of the last stitch in the round/row. You can already see that you have formed the loops of the final stitch and that it is going to create a seamless set of stitch loops for the following round/row.


5- Gently pull the yarn through until the newly created loop is the same size as the other stitch loops in that round/row.


6- Flip your work over. On the back side, weave the end toward and behind the first couple of stitches in the round/row. Weave in end completely, cut excess and you are done.



2- Here you see there the tail of the yarn has been pulled through the top of the last stitch, thread the end onto the needle and (from the front) insert the hook (as shown) under the loops of the second stitch from the beginning of round/row.


4- For additional stability, I suggest inserting the hook under the bar of the stitch as well, not just the top loop. After all, you will be stitching into this created stitch and you want the tension here to mirror the tension in the normal stitches.


Doesn’t it look great from the front! Now we need to create the bar of the new stitch, and this is really easy…


It looks perfect! You cannot see where the end was, it’s truly “invisible” and now you have a complete stitch to work in. No awkward space under the loops and your stitch even has a bar so your next round/row of stitches will sit symmetrically on top of this one.


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