If These Walls Could Talk

I am amazed at the stacked stone walls that stand all over this part of the country. As the original owners of these properties cleared the land to build and farm they stacked the rocks to create fences. Many of them still stand and have been preserved through time by the their new owners. Others are falling over and getting buried by topsoil but still look amazing and give off an old world feel when you look at them. I’d love to know who stacked them? When was it? How long did it take to clear the land to make the fields that exist within these historic walls? The owner of this house said the walls were here when she bought the property, 16 years ago, and she has done nothing to maintain them. Imagine, then that 30 years would keep them preserved as well, 50? Most of the walls like this are over 100 years old, some are over 200 years old.The intrigue alone requires that they be photographed.


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  1. Lori,

    Okay, I’m still not sure where you are, Charissa, but I’m from Massachusetts (my greats arrived in 1640) and we call them stone walls, not fences! 🙂

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