I Got Organized! or How I Proved That I Need Therapy

For the last four years, we’ve lived as nomads. Moving from house to house, county to county, leaving CA and moving to TN. It was a 48 month long game of putting stuff in boxes, shaking them up and them dumping them out in a different house. Five houses total. Such fun!

Just imagine how much easier it was to buy or grab new yarn and start a new project rather than tracking down the numerous already started projects. But like all things that you put off, they come screaming at you from around a corner and all land in your lap at once.

THIS YEAR is the first year that we are renewing our lease. That means that this is the first year we have not moved in 4 years. This means that we don’t have to pack it all up, dump it all out and try to make a home our of chaos, again.

Immediately after we signed the lease and I realized we were going to be here for another year, I had the itch to get organized. I mean really, really organized. ALL yarn in one place. ALL clay in one place. (Hopefully the same place). ALL works-in-progress grouped, organized and listed. And THAT is when I realized I need therapy. I have over 40 projects started. Big ones, little ones, some for my house, most for others. I decided to bag and stack them in order of priority or ease so that I could start knocking them out. Hell’s bells, what a pile!

So for the next year, this blog will be mostly about me discovering some whips, sharing and working on them and hopefully finishing them too!

Here are the starter pics for the blanket I’m making Big Sister. She’s 18, starting college and I’m working on bribes to encourage her to live at home longer. I’m not done admiring her up close quite yet. (For those of you asking for a pattern, I’ll come up with something when I can. This is just coming alive row by row, no plan or pattern. I enjoy crocheting using math, it feels more free to me.)


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    1. Comment author madme,

      This is a real hodge podge of Red Heart Boutique, Caron SS, some baby yarns, some that had no label, honestly, there is no way to track it all down.

  1. Michelle Wulf,

    Every time I look at the progress pics, I am amazed at how each looks almost nothing like the one before! What you add to it makes it look completely different and increasingly aesthetic. <3

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