I Almost Forgot to Mention...

It’s really worth a mention though, so it’s kind of shocking that I have not told you all yet.  But in the last Design Wars Challenge, I WON BEST OVERALL DESIGN!

With that over, I’ll now share with you the design and I already told you about the delicious yarn we got to use from Red Heart. First, a photo of the project. . .


See, delicious yarn.  The pattern is called Spiral Construction or When Alice Fell.  I do love those references to Wonderland.  So you can work these spirals into any configuration desired.  For the competition, I needed to create ONE thing to enter, so I chose a wrap, and the lovely Big Sister modelled it for me… (cue picture)


Pattern can be found on Ravelry.

And I have this one thing to say about competitions… They have fallen out of fashion in our PC society, and it’s a genuine shame. The fact is, competition drives us to perform at our outermost limits. I never want the “you showed up” trophy. I’d rather have no win at all, then a win that did not come honestly. And in a friendly, creative competition, we DO all win, simply by pushing ourselves to show the world our best, our original selves. If you want to know what you are capable of, join a competition. Put your work out there to be judged, criticized, praised and all else.  You might surprise yourself, I certainly am surprised by this lovely thing, and I would never have made it without the competition to push me. Thank you DW! And thank YOU all for being supportive of the creative and the crazy.


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  2. Karen Rose,

    Oh! SO, SO happy for you! CONGRATS!!! I did vote for you ~ I love what you created, you are so talented! Also, you are right, friendly competition is so healthy for us! =) Congrats again! Now I am off to go buy that pattern! (thanks for the sale price!)

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