Hook organizer MarkII

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Oh yes, I made another one. This one holds more, looks prettier and has an attached sewing needle and scissors holder. The scissors are held to the flower with a very strong magnet that’s been sewn into the center.  Prepare to be amazed…

  1. I chained 32 (more or less depending on how many hooks you want this to hold)
  2. Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook and sc in each stitch, ch 1, turn
  3. Back post sc each st in row, ch 1, turn
  4. Repeat row 3  until you have created a piece of fabric that  is wide enough to cover at least 2/3 the length of your hooks
  5. When the body is finished, fill with hooks, roll up, and create a loop closure on the end and place a button on the body where the closure meets.
  6. Embellish! I created a small flower to act as the needle holder and a large flower to adorn the outside. And I used some of my clay buttons of course.

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  1. Cara Louise,

    I don’t carry my crochet hooks around with me…for my thread work I really only use 2 hooks! But I am thinking this would be a great ‘down-time’ project to snuggle all my other hooks in. They deserve to feel loved even if they’re not used, don’t they?

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