Holiday Fever

How are you doing with the fevered pitch that strikes this time of year? I have done NO shopping so far and I’m good with it. I would like to hit the mall with a minty cocoa just to look at all of the decorations and be in the middle of the hullabaloo, I really enjoy hullabaloo. But we are leaning toward a small, quaint, more handmade Christmas (what surprise huh?).

We’ve even made some paper decorations to spiff up the living room. We have started our paper chains and gone a bit nuts for the snowflakes but you’ll see why in a second…

Paper snowflakes are great fun because, like their frosty counterparts, they are quite unique from each other and it’s like opening a present each time you unfold a newly cut flake. This is our collection of snowflakes so far, take a close look and you’ll see Big Sister’s ode to our family geekery, yes, that’s right, TARDIS snowflakes!


Folding paper to prepare it for snowflake cutting is pretty simple, here’s a link to how I do it SNOWFLAKE BLANK PDF thanks to Bella Dia‘s site, they’ve even provided a pdf to print out for us!

I do not have diagrams for the snowflakes but I will fold them down and show you the original cut marks as a guide to making the TARDIS flakes. This first one is done using the folding method found at the link above:


I love the wibbly wobbly timey wimey bits in between the TARDISes themselves, very clever! And here is the snowflake folded so you can see how the cuts were made:


This next one is done on a square folded into quarters rather than sixths. (So just fold a square in half, then in half the other direction, to make a smaller, four layered square. This gives a little more play between the TARDIS and the Weeping Angels:




I hope you have fun handmaking your Christmas cheer! Feel free to share your creations in the comments below.


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