Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn

Pattern found here: Lucky Thirteen Crochet Pattern

I rarely write yarn reviews but since I did a project with this one and have had hundreds of comments about the yarn, it seems like the right time to review and discuss Hobby Lobby’s, I Love This Yarn in colorway Brights.

Not everyone has access to this yarn, so it’s new to many. When I posted this picture on social media, folks found it difficult to believe that all of them came from the same yarn, same colorway. So let’s talk about that a bit.


The yarn itself is made up for four colored strands twisted together, each strand variegated. But what makes the yarn interesting is that sometimes the variegated segments will all line up in a related color range, hence sections of deep pink, purple, blue, green or orange, but most often, the strands line up so that at any point along the yarn,  you will see a combination of contrasting and complimentary colors in that four color count.

I’ve added some pictures here to express this characteristic of the yarn:


This yarn is very soft, with a slight sheen and a tiny bit of a halo. It’s not an overly fuzzy halo, and time will tell if it pills or gets fuzzier. I’ll report back on that after some use. But when the yarn is worked up, it feels wonderful. It’s soft, but holds the texture of the stitches. It’s elastic but firm enough to still hold it’s shape. Basically, I’m sold and will continue to use this yarn and recommend it to others.

Yardage & Lucky Thirteen Pattern

The label tells me that there are 202 yards per skein, and recommends a 5.5mm hook be used for crochet. Following this recommendation, I used the Lucky Thirteen Pattern and a 5.5mm hook, each Lucky Thirteen block measured 10.5 inches wide. I was able to create five blocks out of three skeins with just a few yards left over.

My goal here is to make a square blanket, using nine blocks, so I’m pretty excited that it will take me less than six skeins to make my blocks. Since the yarn is only $4 a skein, that makes this beauty a bargain in my book.

Questions & Discussion

If you would like to chat more, please comment below. Thank you and I hope this resolved some curiosities.

6 comment on “Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn”

  1. Kim,

    Love this color way. Is this the I love cotton yarn? I do not see the color way brights in the I love yarn? Can you help please.

  2. julialoha,

    Did you just start to crochet, or did you find the beginning of a color in the yarn and then break it off for the start of the next section — because of the the way the color changes are – it doesn’t seem random or accidental.

    1. Comment author madme,

      I just crocheted continuously, no breaking off and color matching. I just started in one skein, made a complete square and started another square, when the yarn ran out, I just joined a new skein and kept going. It just so happens that this pattern happens to work really well with the color changes. The yarn is doing all the work.

  3. Pamela,

    Thank you for the above info. It answered all the question I had!!! It WILL be interesting to see how it “holds up” with use!! Will check this out soon at my HL!

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