Hearts, and Hearts and More Hearts

So, um, you know how when you start a project, based on a whim, and you try it and it doesn’t really work out for you? But it’s really no big deal because who really gets things right the first time? So you try it again, and again and again and. . .¬†you get the picture.

NOW, you want to give up, but you can’t because you have invested so much time into it that you better be able to resuscitate the dead with this forsaken thing to justify the loss of productivity in all other areas of life!

And lo! Thus the Hearts to Hearts pattern was born. I seriously have about 15 left hands completely done. I kept giving up and starting over before I finished an entire set. So here it is, my labor of vanity and lefthandedness. (Don’t worry, the pattern does include a right hand glove as well).

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