Giant Granny Destash

Like many of the crafters in the world, I’ve ‘collected’ quite a bit of yarn over the years. I know I buy it to use but for some reason I don’t get to that point of using it faster than I need it. And now, I have a laughable amount of yarn that I have to store, organize and finish up. What to do, what to do?

I’ve got just about two months until Christmas, and now I know from experience that EVERYONE LOVES A CROCHETED BLANKET. So the big plan is to make dozens of 12×12 inch granny squares, using double strands of yarn, and let the family mix and match the squares they want in their blankets.

This frees me up to make any kind of squares I want to create as long as they are all the same size, and it will create a sort of ‘custom’ blanket for everyone. I can’t wait to get this going!!

Here is the first batch of squares:

My hook is 6 inches long, so this gives you an idea of how thick and big this granny really is.

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  1. Stephanie C. Winter,

    I admire you so much. Now days ppl go out to the store pick up some cheap Chinese made cra* (90% of the time its not even what the giftee wants/likes) just too get the gift shopping over with.
    Too me it takes the christmas spirit right out of that aproach.
    But not you, YOU decided too do a crocheters nightmare and make Blankets for everyone 🙂
    You put love, sweat and tears into every square you make. Which to me screams christmas spirit 100%. Youre gifts will be loved and admired for years too come.
    This is what christmas should be all about, Family time, baked goodies, handmade gifts and making memories.
    I make all my gifts, not just for Christmas but also Birthdays. Too me it just adds that little something that makes it special and unique.

    On another note I am utterly In LOVE with you’re color choices for the Squares 🙂
    You my creatively Mad Lady have some incredible color sense ♡
    From one crocheter to another, you’re designs are fabulous! !

    In case I get picked, I would really enjoy a copy of you’re ‘Mad Cable Combo’ (hat and gloves). If that doesn’t count then I’d enjoy the fingerless gloves.
    And even if I don’t get picked, I just wanted too let you know that this comment was genuine and from my heart ♥♥♥
    And I can’t wait too see what the Mad Lady has in store for us next. 😉

    XoXo & A Wonderful evening ☆

    1. Comment author madme,

      Thank you Stephanie! I really BELIEVE in the Handmade Revolution. I’m teaching my kids about the difference between ‘value’ and ‘cost’ and ‘worth’ too. Handmade items intrinsically have amazing worth and value, and Holidays should not be about cost, but worthiness.

  2. Barbara,

    Lovely Granny Squares – I really like people having the choice of their own squares. You have your work cut out for you with ‘everyone’ getting a blanket. My suggestions for your fabric loving friends – quilts, place mats, matching napkins, table runner, clothing, Christmas tree shirts, ornaments, tote bags, bibs, pillow cases, curtains. I’m sure there are more ideas if I knew the particular person you ant to gift. As you can see many of the items could also be knit or crochet or macrame or a number of fiber crafts. Good luck to all

  3. Denise Glynn,

    Love these extra large granny squares. They are beautiful and when all joined be lovely warm blankets. Your family is blessed to have such a talented gal to make them beautiful thinks to treasure 🙂
    If I am lucky enough to win I would love to have your simply mad throw pattern. Thanks for the chance to win and have a wonderful evening!

  4. Molly,

    I just wanted to say I absolutely love this idea. I’ve got so many people who are constantly asking for blankets, and they don’t seem to understand just how much time goes into making them. But this idea is really awesome, and it’s something I think I want to adapt for the people in my life.

    Do you make your own patterns for the squares, or do you find them online and in books and from other pattern makers?

    1. Comment author madme,

      I do have a few granny books BUT I have a TERRIBLE TIME sticking with a pattern and will almost always alter it as I go. A pattern is more like inspiration than instructions for me.

  5. Phyllis Boggs,

    I really like the circle granny square! Thank you for your time to show and share your talent with us. I have been crocheting for a long time, just this past year I have tought myself to read patterns. My bother passed sept of last year and that’s when I started. Before then I could only make blankets and scarves, now I can crochet almost anything and I’m loving it! Thank you for this oppertuinity to win something!

  6. JuLee,

    rhissianna there are some cute christmas wreaths that can be made with fabtic scraps and if your really really inventive thing about that song my coat of many colors what could you make of many colors to share. Another suggestions for all you out there many of the hospitals with nicu (neonatal INtensive care units) are looking for donations of blankets small for premies like 15 inches by 15 inches these can be crochet or fabric or knit as well as hats and such. Children cancer wards are looking for hat donations and stuffed animals premie stuff is so small it is easy to work up a premie hat with leftover yarn

  7. JuLee,

    love the granny square for devastating actually suggested it a few weeks ago to a few people to work up some their leftovers yarns and clear out clutter but I haven’t made a granny square that small in years. I seem to keep enlarging them until I have baby blankets of all one giant granny square.

  8. Mary Wallace,

    Love your grannies! The color combos are great. I’ve always wanted to make me a colorful crazy granny blanket but I am too impatient. Plus I’m recently on a graphgan kick. I may be addicted to them. But one of these days I will make a kooky, crazy, fun blanket!

  9. Kay Thomas,

    I love the double strand! Years ago I made one but only traditional squares. I love the different styles of squares. Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Linda,

    It is nice to know my kids are not the only ones who look like that before and after you tell them to smile. Fall is my favorite season. 🙂

  11. autumn elam,

    Love this idea its something I would love to do for my 3 daughters. Thank you for sharing this idea. Its always a bummer to have just a little bit of yarn left from a great color and it just sits there wanting to be used! Your creative way of useing it is just perfect! Thanks again!! Ps love your facebook page as well!!

  12. hollie n,

    wow these are all gorgeous! what an amazing idea and a serious undertaking. I have to tell you though, this would take me -forever- lol. i d love the mad cap in cables pattern.

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