I have never before lived where the weather got down into the 20’s at night. The result is an amazing frosty, glimmery, crisp morning. It is beautiful. And as long as you have mittens on, you can even go outside and use your camera! Click on the photo below to see the frosty slideshow…


3 comment on “Frosty Morning”

  1. Sarah Jane,

    FUN FUN FUN!!!! I love it! So stoked you are having SO much fun exploring & experiencing! I’m so so so happy for you!!! (Truly, it is wonderful to see your spirit revived and your zest for life returned). 🙂

    1. Comment author madme,

      ME TOO! I’ve been in a pit for 4 years, and now with the least amount of “stuff” I’ve ever owned, without knowing what will happen next month, or where my husband will work, without any plans for next year, without friends (geographically that is), I feel like I’m waking up.

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