Flower Puddles & Ripples Blanket

The Flower Puddles patterns is growing by rounds and rounds! In addition to the Flower Puddles Motif and Granny, I’ve added a Flower Puddles Ripples blanket to the growing collection.

My favorite thing about this design is how different it looks it looks in a solid color versus the rainbow version. The colorful version looks nice and textured but really in accentuates the fan stitching in the rounds, while the solid white version accentuates the long bands of cabling that form the lotus shape.

In making the prototypes, I ended up with two completely different looking blankets from this one pattern! That’s a win for me, and hopefully something you can appreciate as well.

An exciting feature about the pattern is that it can be made as large as you’d like. You can make anything from a baby blanket to a bead spread, the pattern repeats with increases so you can stop wherever you want to. The pattern itself also contains both US and UK terminology.

This Flower Puddles & Ripples is now up in my Ravelry shop and can be purchase independently or as part of the Flower Puddles Collection. Enjoy!


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