So you know that I was making a sugar skull, I do love all the Halloween nonsense and I thought I would join in for giggles with some clay work. I finished the little guy, and as he is my first attempt at a sugar skull I’m pretty pleased, although surprised, by the outcome. For obvious reasons, I’ve named him Mustachio.

For a first attempt, I like the way it came together, but the real proof is in the pudding right? So then comes the moment of sheer terror and tension, reducing and cutting. This is what was revealed…

sugar skull

So here we are, at the end of the process and I like him. He’s not what I expected exactly, but he is adorable and I’ll be making him some friends soon. The second I cut into any of my canes I immediately make notes about all the ways I will do it slightly different next time around.

This was a fun experiment and if you are interested in Love Handles with Mustachio, please visit my Etsy shop at Mad Made.

I’ve also been experimenting with extruded canes, and here are some of those first attempts as well…


8 comment on “First Attempts”

  1. HennaLadyKim,

    You did an awesome job on the sugar skull! You definitely have a talent with clay. I am good with the 3D stuff in polymer but canes are not my talent for sure. “) Each time you post i am excited to see what you have made this time.
    (I am obsessed with skulls and got to see some actual sugar skulls in Reno at an event. All I can say is “WOW!” )

    1. Comment author madme,

      Thank you! I am TERRIBLE at the sculpting with the clay. People ask me to make sculpted crochet hooks all the time but I just cannot do it. Everything I make looks evil, no matter how cute the subject is. So cats, evil. Hedgehogs, evil. Hearts, evil. No joke, it all looks possessed. So I’ll stick with my strengths and let others, that make non-evil sculpted subjects, stick to the sculpting.

      Do you have some links to your work?

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