Favorite Crochet Techniques

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, we all know this. This principle applies to crochet as well. I’ve been asked how I finish off, change color, weave in ends, and so on. And I’ve answered a lot of Folks individually, but I thought it would be fun to put all my favorite techniques, and links to show them, in this one post. There will always be other ways, I’m just sharing how I do things, you can take if from there. I’ll be adding to this, so stay tuned for more helps and links.




Joining yarn (same color):

  • Double knot join: This is a great video to show you exactly how to do this, I have so many less ends to weave in now.  Double knot join


 Changing Color/Yarn:

  • At the end of a row, to start a new row of a different color: YO with new color. On the last stitch of your current color,  insert your hook, yo with the new yarn, and pull the new yarn up on the hook and through the loops. Now the loop on your hook is the new color of yarn. Cut the old color, leaving a few inches, and crochet. Weave in ends.
  • On a round: This tutorial says tie a knot, but when you look at the pic, it’s simply a half-knot, that would leave no trace behind, and your stitches will match all the way around. I really do not like starting with chain stitches on a new round on a circle and being able to follow the line of chain stitches from the center to the edge. This technique allows you to avoid that issue. Half-knot tie.


 Finishing Off:

  • Invisible Finish: I leave about 5-6 inches of yarn, follow the instructions for the invisible finish, and weave in the end along the previous row, loop over one strand of yarn, and weave again going back in the opposite direction. This will allow the yarn to move and not pull, but be very secure without knots. Knots pull and warp, they have no business being part of the finishing process.

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