Fall Favorites

What are your Fall Favorites? Mine are pumpkins and being able to work on crochet blankets without worrying about heatstroke. There’s also baking and hot drinks. Fall is a great time to celebrate life!

We visited a place called Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, Tennessee last weekend and picked our own pumpkins! This is a new process for this city girl, and it was a blast. The kids had a great time ‘hunting’ down pumpkins and even getting the cool ‘green ones’ (ehem, unripe but we’ll mark that down as another thing to laugh about in the years to come).

In the meantime, I’m enjoying getting back into the habit of drinking hot tea and crocheting in the evenings. On my continuing mission to wear down Stash Mountain, I’m working on Girthsome Grannies and ┬ájumbo sized panels that I’ll join together in the nick of time for Christmas.

As the seasons come and go, and as the children get taller and taller, I’m feeling that the seasons change too often, and too quickly. I really need to enjoy this Autumn, this one needs to be embraced.

I just don’t think you can beat the pride of a child in the simplest things. It’s so endearing.

My girls before and after I told them to smile.

The Lumberjack with his goofy spawn in the background. Teenagers are awesome!

The following panels are made with a 9mm hook and two strands of 4 weight yarn. I’m choosing like colors to work each stripe and simply using HDc stitches. The panels are warm and weighty and will be wonderful to cuddle with on the couch.


Here are the first two panels of a very large blanket for the couch. I have NO idea how they will be arranged yet or how I will join them but I’m having fun zipping through the panels.




Just for giggles I wanted to share this pic of me driving Big Sister nuts. It’s too much fun and it’s too easy. I Love this girl.

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