Expression Fiber Arts-To Etsy and Beyond!

Things have been busy lately and for the first time in a LONG time, I’m making some cash on my hobbies and what do you think I’ve been spending the money on? Yep, supplies for my hobbies! Just like most other handmade nutters, I make money just to spend it on MORE YARN!! And hooks, buttons and clay. Honestly, how are we expected to get ahead of the game when there are MEGA craft supply stores all over the place?

Being over 40, I’ve spent a lot of time in those shops, and my worldview has changed a bit since my early days of crafting and looking always and ever for the ‘deals’ on the aisles. These days, I’m looking for quality and originality, and this has turned my attention to the internet. To Etsy and beyond!!

I found Chandi, the owner of Expression Fiber Arts, on Facebook actually and was thrilled to find out that she is a color junky, like me, and that she has created a world of high quality, hand dyed, small batch yarns that any fiber artist would kill for. Oh yeah, I mean the kind of yarn that you would consider running someone through with a crochet hook to get! It’s really that good.

You can imagine my JOY when Chandi and I struck up a conversation about having me design a pattern JUST FOR HER YARN. Woohoo! “I’ve hit the Big Time!!” I thought to myself. BUT, the first hurdle came when I had to pick yarn and actually narrow down my favorites. I gave up!! and just asked Chandi to send me something that she liked a lot.

So, with patterns floating around in my mind, let me share with you the yarn that I so humbly received from Chandi. Here is one of her product shots! I love even the way she presents her yarn to the world. Genius!! And below you can see the yarn I have in hand! My stash is getting prettier and prettier. It’s time to design!



10 comment on “Expression Fiber Arts-To Etsy and Beyond!”

  1. Liz Hasler,

    You found the pot of gold at the end of a gorgeous rainbow! Wow – I can’t wait to see what you make. I’ve wished I could buy some of her yarn, but it’s not in the budget right now so I’m envious of you. Have fun!

  2. Heather Gibbs Crochet,

    Love the comment about most ‘handmade nutters’ my money goes on more yarn too but I really need to start using up some of my stash before it buries me! Seriously beautiful yarn from Expression Fiber Arts though…perhaps I can squeeze in a bit more!

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