Everything for Happy Everything

Finallly! (I feel like the Rocky music should be playing in the background). The Happy Everything Motif is pattern is done! It may not seem like a big deal to have a crochet pattern done but at the very last minute I got this bright idea to make that whole thing a photo tutorial, and then make a photo tutorial for the Curlicues on the bunting and then ANOTHER photo tutorial on how to join the motifs for a bunting.

The Happy Everything Motif is for sale at Ravelry, by MadMadme (Charissa Ragsdale).

Please enjoy the tutorials.

  • Happy Everything Motif, includes instructions on how to turn it into a bunting.
  • Curlicues¬†(free)
    • I provided this as a stand alone pattern since it can be used for so many more applications than this bunting.

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  1. Dawne Driedger,

    can’t seem to find the pattern for the ‘happy everything’ motif….you say it’s at “all three” madmadme shops? can’t find it on craftsy…where are the other places?

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