Erasing Monday with Giant Crochet

Erasing Monday with Giant Crochet

I generally really work on being upbeat and encouraging. But I’m a combination of the Hulk and Eeyore on the inside, and anyone that knows me, knows this to be true. I love happy, bright, decent folks. I really do, so I work at being that way in person, online and on this blog right here. But truth be told, I’m a bit bewildered inside.

Mondays. Mondays. Mondays.

I just don’t get them. It seems that no matter how they start, by the end of them, they just stink like a 10 day old diaper. So I’m not doing them anymore. I quit. I’m banning Mondays. NOT only am I not going to participate in them as they happen, I’m going to banish Monday as a mood from my innards. That’s right, Monday is now myth on the inside and the out. (I’ll let you know how this goes).

But today is Tuesday! Thank God that no day lasts forever. And I want to report how 2016 The Year of the WIP is going.

I think I’m not as far along as I’d like to be but I am actually finishing up some things right now, one of them is a huge project I’m making with 19mm hook and using 5-6 strands of yarn at a time (depending on the weight of the yarn). It’s got the yummiest squishy texture and it’s taking about 50 skeins to finish so it’s been the best stash buster I’ve ever done. Each single crochet stitch measures 1 inch by 1 inch, so it’s going really quickly. ┬áHere is the hook compared to the 4mm hook I used all the time.

Giant Crochet

Look at the size of this hook! I have had it for over a year now and just not picked it up because I was waiting for the inspiration. Well, it came (as inspiration often does) from left field. I was looking at my yarn stash, much of which was given to me over the years, and I saw a heavy buildup of darker colors, and odd whites that were not very soft on their own. I hoarded them all off the shelves, combined them in different ways and started in. It took me a little bit of time to figure out just how many strands to use at once, to achieve a good solid soft fabric but once I got that sorted, it zipped along nicely

Giant Crochet Stitches

These are the three panels I’ve done so far. As you can see, very scrappy. Even the white and cream panel is done with 6 different skeins and none of them match in texture, weight, or color. The fourth panel I’m still figuring out, I think it will be a mix of whites and colors.


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