Elegant Heart Pattern

This photo shows 2 hearts of different sized stacked on top of each other

I’m not much of a sucker for Valentine’s Day, but I’m a complete sucker for crochet. And I just can’t help but notice all of the sweet little hearts floating all over the internet right now so I decided to make a fancy version of a heart motif to share and give to my Sweet Little Girlies. This is a classic motif, associated with doilies and bookmarks, you may happen across very similar patterns in the “vintage” crochet books and sites and they may even have slightly different stitch counts. Here is my version, I’ve written the pattern out so you can whip a couple up for someone you care about and slip it into a card even. I’m turning the small hearts (made with floss) into bookmarks for my daughters and a couple of ladies at church.


Pattern for Heart Motif

Chains of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 count as stitches in this pattern. Use appropriate gauge hook  for weight of yarn and this can be done with thick yarn or thin floss.

  1. Magic Ring, ch 3, then 18 tr c into ring, ch 3, sl st into ring, pull ring closed (20 st total)
  2. Ch 5, tr cr into first (true) tr cr of magic ring (skipping the ch 3 of previous row), ch 2. Then  *into the next st, tr cr,  ch 2* (repeat from * to *15 more times), ch 4 after last tr c, sl st to base of ch 5 at beginning of row. (19 stitches)
  3. Ch 7, sc into ch space of first tr cr (skipping the ch 5 of previous row), ch 3, sc in same space, * in next ch space, sc, ch 3, sc *  (repeat from * to * in next 14 spaces, 16 “bumps” should be created), ch 6, attach with sl st to base of ch 7 at beginning of row.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

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  1. Shibu,

    Well. I love ALL your work. Your hooks are magnificent !!! Your eye for colour is breathtaking. Truly. It’s so kind of you to share this pattern. Even I can follow it. Now, I’m hooked !!! Starting a garland. Will probably post it on IG. Again. I just adore your work. Honestly.

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