Designer Spotlight~Design by Katie Hanken

Hand crafting is a very large phrase. It encompasses tens of thousands of genres and ideas and touches nearly every industry. There are handmade components in even the most highly manufactured items. I love this truth. Our hands and our creativity set us apart from all other of God’s creations.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve had the opportunity to see very up close the vast community of hand crafters that stroll in and out of my online world. Let me just say that I’m impressed. I’m inspired. I’m excited.

In a recent venture, I was able to partner with several crochet designers and handmakers. I was able to see their process and learn a bit about each person behind the online presence. I’d like to introduce these creative folks to you one at a time, starting with Katie Hanken, for Design by Katie Hanken.

How can I introduce such an array of talent? I thought the best way to do this would be to ask them the same two questions that come my way all the time. Please enjoy the photos, visit Katie at one of her online venues and don’t leave until you are inspired (it really shouldn’t take that long).


  • What motivates and inspires you?
I love designing crochet patterns because it excites me that I can make something new.  I feel like I am a contributor on the leading edge of crochet design and I get a kick out of solving a new design idea.  Inspiration comes to me all of the time.  Where I live in Northern Norway there is no shortage of cold weather inspiration – we need hats, scarves and mittens here most of the year!  Shapes, patterns, color combos that I see in my day to day life can spark ideas but very often I get new ideas while crocheting.  The yarn and the stitch I work with can oftentimes spark new ideas.  As for motivation to keep at it and finish projects – this is not an issue for me – I only crochet as much as I feel like it.  I do it because I think it is fun.  If I don’t love it – I don’t do it!  So there can be long breaks in my designing and sometimes I have way too many ideas to fit into the day – it fluctuates.  It’s all good.  🙂


  • How to go from hobby to business?
Let me know when you figure that out!  Haha! I really only do this for fun.  That is my strategi.  I will let you know if it works out!  Maybe I could get “there” (there being making big money on pattern design) faster with more stick-to-it-iveness but I am holding out for the fun route.  The -follow your bliss- path.  So far it is working out great for me.  Opportunities seem to come when I am ready for them.


 You can find Katie here online:

BLOG        WEBSITE        ETSY        RAVELRY



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  1. Nanci,

    Thank you for the spotlight on Katie. Her retro flower blanket was my favorite of the competition. I have bought the pattern and look forward to making it.

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