Crochet Class! Beginner Scarf Using only Chains, Sc and Hdc.

The interest in learning crochet was not always as high as it is now. As a matter of fact, when I really started crocheting in earnest, about 15 years ago now, many of my friends poked fun at my “old lady” craft and I responded by telling them that I was “crafting my inner old lady now so that I would be really good at being old by the time I got there.”

Funnily enough, after folks saw what I was making (hats for my girls, toys, blankets, scarves, fingerless gloves, flower motifs, etc.) I was being asked to help teach or refresh memories on the basics of crochet. Wow! Do I love teaching people how to crochet. Because what you are really doing when you teach someone to crochet is actually teaching them to fall in love with yarn, to dream and imagine the handmade gifts they will one day give and encouraging them to use this new skill to express their own style.

So a couple of months ago I made a Facebook post on my personal page, asking if anyone in my area would like to learn to crochet and was blown away that fifteen women responded pretty quickly. Yesterday, we had a beginner class for the first group of ladies and it went very well! Here is the pattern we used in the class. It consists of chains, single crochets and half double crochets. It works up quickly and I’ve shown the beginning of two scarves with yarn in different weights to show some variation. Enjoy! (I used fewer starting stitches on the white scarf to make it┬ámore dainty, 19sts to be exact).

To inspire the students, I got out some books to browse. Penny Lane was unimpressed and just took advantage of the clean quiet house before the guests arrived.

Yarn used in photos below: The green sample was done with Caron, Simply Soft and the white was done with Baby Bee, Sweet Delight. I used the recommended hook size for each manufacturer.

Download and view pattern HERE

Crochet Class

Crochet Class

Crochet Class

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