Wow. Less than a week to get my Bohemian Crochet Christmas Done!

You know what I mean! I’ve got some great projects going right now for the family and I can count on the smaller ones getting done but I know for a fact that the blankets will not get finished. So, what would you do? Stop them and make smaller projects OR keep going and see how close you can get? Can I still pull off a Bohemian Crochet Christmas?!

Here is what I’ve got going right now, that I hope to finish by Christmas…

Crochet Christmas Bohemian Style

Here’s the bohemian blanket I REALLY NEED TO FINISH FOR MY DAUGHTER!!!

A Slytherin scarf and a stuffed snake for The Boy.

And a Ukulele strap for the Weird Middle One.

Innumerable wrist wraps and fingerless gloves. I could not even find all of them to get pictures!

Giant project bag I stated for myself, but the Weird Middle One loves it and wants to use if for stuffed toys at the foot of her bed. Genius! I couldn’t say no.

Just three of the 8919817089321480898790981987803 hats I’m working on currently. Life would be easier sometimes if my friends and family were headless.

A recliner blanket for my dad. Winter has a way of reminding us that we don’t have fur.

And of course, my Winter Flower Granny blanket!!!! I was hoping to get this one done and give it to my mom. We’ll see though, there might be arm wrestling involved.

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