My Happy Stash~Creme de la Creme Yarn Review

Design Wars has made the blog very yarn-centric these days (more OTHER types of posts coming soon. It’s about time for a Summer Salad Series don’t you think?). But one GREAT bonus of this competition has been my introduction to Red Heart’s, Creme de la Creme yarn. Let me tell you, this stuff is 100% cotton and 100% delicious.

Everyone picks yarn based on different factors. Fiber content, weight, feel and color are just a handful of factors that we all consider. But my primary draw is color. Color, color, color, it always boils down to color for me. The Creme de la Creme yarn does not disappoint in this department. It comes in 67 colors. . . (letting that number sink in…). SIXTY SEVEN COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m all for moderation EXCEPT in a color palette. Color palettes should be FULL and WONDROUS, I should have a terrible time deciding between colors and be compelled to come back over and over again, collecting skeins like a squirrel collects nuts, like a dog collects bones, like an old lady collects cats. Well, THIS line of yarn does that for me. I WANT ALL THE CATS, I MEAN YARN!

  • Okay, specifics:
    • Color~I think we covered this one.
    • Fiber content~100% cotton. This is a soft cotton, suitable for all the traditional uses of cotton (washcloths, coasters, towels, summer accessories, etc) but also soft and drapey enough to use for garments. Very soft, very nice.
    • Weight-It’s a worsted weight yarn with a nice drape. The label calls for a 5mm hook, I used a 4mm because of the way cotton stretches as you use it and I like the tighter end result.
    • Special Features~As is true with many cotton yarns, the stitch definition is fantastic. This is actually the reason I chose to make a motif with the Creme de la Creme yarn. There’s just something about cotton that shows off every detail. Every little twist, turn, rise and variation is accented in sharp relief. This feature makes this yarn perfect for motifs and embellishments. Combine the definition with the color palette and you have a WINNER of a yarn.

I’ll be adding some other projects that I’ve made with this yarn soon to show off more of it’s Stashability.

If you have any questions about this yarn please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.



Here’s an example of the palette and you can see how great the stitch definition is too.

This one is just to make you jealous, here’s the top layer of my stash of Creme de la Creme yarn. YUM.

12 comment on “My Happy Stash~Creme de la Creme Yarn Review”

  1. Sydra,

    Love this! Also, I was reading on a Facebook photo where you commented that it’s really easy it’s just math is when I realized why I struggle a little from time to time with patters and stitch counts etc. It’s because I’m terrible at math. Maybe homeschooling my son will help me “re-learn” math so all hope is not lost yet!

  2. Christine,

    Love the colors!!!! I am so going to have to buy this yarn because I plan on buying your banner pattern that you submitted to Craft Wars & no other yarn will do it justice!!!

  3. Liz Hasler,

    Yes, you made me jealous. I will have to try Creme de la Creme. You are right, it’s difficult to find such variety in colors in cotton yarn.

  4. Diana,

    I love these colors! And yes! I am jealous 🙂 I cant wait to buy some of this cotton… I have a few ideas floating around in my head 🙂

  5. Lynette Long,

    The first time I had ever used Creme de le Creme was about 6 months or so ago. I fell in love the first time I used it. It’s not as….well bulky feeling I guess is how I would put it, as other cotton yarns are. I also noticed that is doesn’t fade NEARLY as much. I like too that it seems to be wrapped tighter, so there’s less chance of splitting the yarn, but still has the awesome drape. 🙂 Just my 2 cents worth! And I totally agree on the amount of colors available being awesome lol!

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