Concentric Circles Crochet Blanket

They are gorgeous. Concentric circles of colors and design, let’s face it, we all love to stare at the geometry of layered circles that have made their way into virtually every facet of life and crafting. I remember a time when I used my Spirograph to make pretty repeating colorful circles, not even realizing the my childhood game was a foreshadowing of a 21st century cultural phenomenon. On an artistic level, I enjoy the math of them, the colors, the layers, the symmetry, the design is both primitive and intentional, simplistic and complex. Who doesn’t love its beauty?

Currently, I’m designing a concentric circle blanket and it’s turned out to be quite a challenge! The design is simplistic and repetitive but the tension is difficult to master when you are not following the exact basic increases of a single crochet circle. “Live and learn” as they say and also “Try, try again” and I have done both on this project.

Here are the prototype photos, I’d love to hear your feedback on this project. I’ve gone a bit out of character here and I’m working with gray yarn! I know, very unMad, but I’m actually liking the results and I already have two more blankets planned with colored yarns so I’ll share those results with you as well.

For this piece I’m using Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” in a light cream and the newer Joann line called “Big Twist” in the Oatmeal Heather color. The Heather is a very warm grey, more my speed, but they also offer a cooler gray if you prefer that.

Pattern Available Soon in my Ravelry Shop – I’ve got a fun name picked out but I’m waiting until the pattern release to share. While you wait, please enjoy 40% off my current patterns the in the shop with code: Madlandia2016

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    1. Comment author madme,

      Thank you Dorothy, I’ll be making a new post when the pattern is up on Ravelry. I’m glad you like the colors, thanks for stopping by.

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