Butterfly Mystery

I’m not sure what it is about butterflies, but they are one of the few bugs we WANT in our lives. Honestly, when I think about all of the time I’ve spent shooing, chasing and squishing bugs to save my kids, myself or my veggies, it’s rather ironic that at the same time we giggle and take pictures of this other bug, strange huh? I mean, we build entire million dollar habitats for parks and zoos just so we can spend a few minutes of time with these delicate creatures.

What is it about them that makes us so pleased, so bright when they flutter by? Is it their intricate patterns? Striking colors? The symmetry? Their slow drunken path through the air? I don’t really know what the mystery of attraction is with these little aliens but I sure do enjoy them, and their short, beautiful lives.

Rarely do I make something more than once when I’m working in clay. I have a limited time to work on my crafts, so when I have the chance to get down into my dungeon and chain myself to my work table, I usually try to make something new each time. (Backing up a minute, my dungeon has a TV, carpet and a wall of yarn cubbies that I lovingly care for, so the word ‘dungeon’ is merely another affectionate term around here). But, that butterfly, wow, I could make butterfly canes in the clay over and over again and love it each time and get the same response from Madlandians each time, love, wonder and appreciation.

I just finished up my second butterfly cane and I’m already working on a third. Here are some pictures, each pretty bug is very different and the third will be different yet again. Enjoy.

 Butterfly two below…

Here are a couple of crochet hooks made with the new Electric Butterfly pattern. 

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