Boutique Bliss

I love little tiny shops. They are much more like people than giant retail stores. Little shops have favorite colors, moods, messes and collections. They are closets of wonder, cabinets of curiosity. This particular shop, Faithful Places, is situated among the shops of the Loveless Cafe.

As the rest of The Clan looked at the music shop and Loveless gift store, I found this lovely little boutique filled with religious inspired items. It was quite pretty and interesting.

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  1. Anita Fowler,

    So enjoyed our visit when you visited our shop. The photos are really beautiful. Can’t wait to share them with others. Do I have your permission to post them on other venues? FB? Can’t wait to show Jamie. Can’t believe I just found them tonight. Hope you will visit with us again. I am enjoying looking at your other blogs. Anita

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