Books Shmooks and Tiny Clothes

Books. This single word will trigger a flush of emotion is every, single member of my family. We love them, even the “e” variety. I’ve been able to give up many of my bound books for the ‘e’ variety in the last couple of years but I just can’t seem to make that transition with the craft books, the artsy, and inspirational books. Partly due to the lack of them available for my e-reader, but also due to the fact that I want to touch the inspiration, stick little torn pieces of paper between my hopefuls and feel the weight of them pulling on my shoulder as I carry them in my bag. They tug at me and bounce against my side like my children did when they were little, when they wanted attention,  when they were just letting me know that they were there.

Last year, I took a huge step, and I chucked boxes and boxes of books. It was heart rending, but they are pricey to move across the country and it made me really narrow down to books that we love, that we use and can’t get digitally. And now my paired little library practically sings to me each time I walk by. I also joined a craft book club and painstakingly did my research on each book to make sure it would be a treasure trove of new, inspirational and challenging information for me. And since I’m part child, I need lots of pretty pictures.

Well, I just rec’d my last shipment of books and I’m pleased as punch with them! I also got a tot sweater pattern book at Joann’s for 1/2 price and I’m endeavoring to make my first tiny garment, as a gift to my niece, E.S. I moved shortly after she was born, and I’ve been gone almost a year, she has had her 1 year birthday, she walks, and talks and steals my heart from 2000 miles away. She is. . . well, she is my baby Sister’s baby girl, so she is very special to me. Being the mother of two girls, and watching my own Sister grow up (I’m nine years older than her), it is a strange and wonderful feeling to see the next generation of Little Ladies sprouting up the the garden of our family.


I already have the Crochet Bouquet, and I just love it, so I was excited to see what new inventions would come in the Crochet Garden book by the same folks.

Here is an example of the glamorous motifs this book holds.

This is going to be the first ‘doodle’ I make from the Doodle Stitching book. I love Babushka dolls and I appreciate that this book shows many examples from basic outlines to more complex options for the same patterns. I’m hoping to create many of these motifs in yarn on a larger scale for my crochet projects.

And below is the Paper Doll Primer from The Black Apple. Emily Winfield Martin, who is The Black Apple, is (it’s funny, I cannot think of a single word that captures her), she is whimsical, nostalgic, creative, colorful, evocative, warming, truthful and fictional at the same time. I think this is the best paper doll book I’ve ever seen and my Kooky Middle One will love it. Each character has a back story, a style, and a wardrobe. They are edgy, and believable, but still fantastical and playful. I hope Emily becomes a millionaire one day (if she is not already) just because I like her brain so much!   (Note the retro clothing, the cupcakes and the tattoos, ah, I just love it.)

And here  is my first attempt at a tiny garment. E.S. might swim in it, but I’d rather make it large for her so she can grow into it. And somehow, tiny people can get away with being lumpy and frumpy and still look amazing. When did I outgrow that? It’s not done Baby Sister,  but it’s on it’s way to getting there. Send my love to the Blue Eyed Beauty Queen.


If you are interested in joining the book club mentioned above, feel free to use this link, if you join, I get free books that I will be using in the MadMadme giveaways. Thank you Mad Ones.

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  1. De Kirby,

    Hi, I would love to make the little garment above, that you have made for your niece. Can you tell me what book/pattern it came from so I can also buy it. I need to buy on-line as I am in Australia. Thanks 🙂

    1. Comment author madme,

      That was called Surprise Crochet, Sweaters for Baby, by Leisure Arts. I hope you can find it. It’s a lovely little book.

  2. Katie,

    I love this post! I don’t own a single e book thing or a fire, kindle or what ever those are called. I would be scared to death to take one of those electronics in the bath tub with me and that is where at least 75% of my reading gets done. Bath time is my time and I enjoy holding my lovely book in both hands with bubbles up to my chin:) The outfit you made for your little niece is so stinkin cute it hurts and I can’t wait to see of picture of her in it.

  3. Elaine,

    I had a membership in that same book club years ago and acquired many treasures there. I agree…I could (maybe) part with a lot of the contents of my many bookshelves, except the crafting books, Bibles and study books, children’s books & all the pretty pictures. I keep assessing all the stacks that won’t fit on my shelves any more, and vow not to buy any more. However, I came home from the village yard sales today with a new crock pot low-fat recipe book and a too-pretty-to-pass-up cupcake book, plus the old crochet leaflets that originally cost 10 cents each, for which my dear friend charged me 10 cents each. I will be surprised if anything short of a cross-country move could persuade me to go to ebooks. Looking forward to winning a treasure from your book club. I am hopeless.

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